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Major Reports

Since 1980 EHA has completed more than 450 reports. For a complete list of reports, please contact Ted Higginbotham.
Report lists by category
Archaeological Management Plans

Ted Higginbotham has prepared a large number of the archaeological management plans (AMPs) for historical CBDs, towns and suburbs. (Other AMPs for single sites are listed with archaeological assessment reports or conservation plans).


Goulburn Mulwaree Archaeological Management Plan. Volumes 1-3. Goulburn Mulwaree Council. March 2010.


Cumberland Hospital, Fleet Street, North Parramatta, NSW. Archaeological Management Plan (historical sites) for Conservation Management Plan. Perumal Murphy Alessi and the Sydney West Area Health Service, NSW Health. Draft December 2008


Archaeological Management Plan, Richmond, N.S.W. Volumes 1 & 2. Hawkesbury City Council.  1996.


Archaeological Management Plan, Port Macquarie. Volume 3. History and Conservation, together with brochure, entitled ‘The Archaeological Management Plan of Port Macquarie. What you need to know?' Stage 2. Hastings Council, 1995.


Archaeological Management Plan, Port Macquarie. Volumes 1 and 2. Hastings Council, 1994. (see Awards)


The Rocks and Millers Point Archaeological Management Plan. Department of Planning N.S.W., and The Sydney Cove Authority. 1991.


The Future of Parramatta's Past. An Archaeological Zoning Plan. 1788 to 1844. Volumes 1 and 2. Joint author with Paul-Alan Johnson. University of New South Wales, and the Department of Planning. 1989.

Reviews of AMPs

Conservation Management Guidelines. Department of Housing owned property in Millers Point, NSW. Historical Archaeology. NSW Department of Public Works and Services. 2002



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