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Recent workshops and lectures.

Breaking the Shackles. Historic Lives & Archaeological Sites. Public lecture at the Parramatta Heritage Centre, 10 September 2009 for History Week 2009.
Macquarie, Macarthur & the archaeologist. Was it really such a miserable hut? Public lecture to the Friends of Belgenny Farm, 20 May 2009 for Archaeology Week 2009.
Elizabeth Farm, Reconstruction of a Building Sequence. Workshop for Historic Houses Trust Staff, 11 March 2008 and public lecture to Friends of Elizabeth Farm, 12 September 2008.
Satanic Mills - Aspects of the Industrial Revolution, Past, Present and Future. 21 May 2007 for Archaeology Week 2007. Australian History Museum, Macquarie University.
Archaeological excavations, 140 Marsden Street, Parramatta. Case study, John Walker, wheelwright. Working Lives, Industrial Archaeology Workshop, Heritage Office NSW. May 2006.
PhD Thesis

Edward Higginbotham. 1994. The historical archaeology of rural settlement in the South Western Districts of New South Wales, PhD Thesis, University of Sydney.

2009 – “In Conversation with Graham Connah”, in Australasian Historical Archaeology. Vol. 27, 7-16.
2008 – "Much Ado About Mortar recent archaeology at Elizabeth Farm", in Insites, the Magazine of the Historic House Trust, Winter 2008, Issue 55, pages 8-9. Download document.
1995 – "The government huts at Parramatta: from convict accommodation to early town leases, 1790-1823", in Elizabeth Farm 1793-1993. Proceedings of the Elizabeth Farm Bicentennial Seminar, Elizabeth Farm, 24 October 1993. Historic Houses Trust.


1993 – "The 1828 Census and the analysis of rural settlement in NSW", AHA. Volume 11. p. 52-75. Download document.
1991 – The Future of Parramatta's Past. An Archaeological Zoning Plan. 1788 to 1844. Department of Planning. 1991, with maps by Paul-Alan Johnson. Download Volume 1. Text and Plans. Download Volume 2. Inventory.
1989 – "Excavation vs. Watching Brief", in Urban Digs Historical Archaeology Guidelines, seminar papers, Department of Planning, Sydney, pp. 28-32.
1988 – "The soil and pollen analysis of part of the gardens of First Government House, Sydney".  Joint paper with Michael Macphail and Brian Davey.  Australian Journal of Historical Archaeology, vol. 6. Download document.
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