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Port Macquarie - penal settlement and historic town.


Ted Higginbotham has been involved in the archaeology of Port Macquarie from the 1990s, first with the Hastings Heritage Study in 1990, then the Archaeological Management Plan in 1994-5 (see awards) as well as several archaeological projects in the historic town.


Glasshouse excavations reveal the site of the Overseer's Cottages.


In 2006 Ted Higginbotham completed the archaeological excavation of the proposed "Glasshouse" (former Civic Centre) for Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.


The excavations uncovered the footings of three of the Overseer"s Cottages and other post-built structures, built for the penal settlement between 1821 and 1830. Behind the houses a well preserved brick barrel drain was uncovered, together with two timber lined wells.


Sections of the brick barrel drain and house footings will be conserved and put on display in the new development.


Download the open day leaflet for the Glasshouse Site.


Download the summary of the findings from the final excavation report. The complete report is available in the Library of the Heritage Branch, NSW Department of Planning and also in the local studies section at the Library, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council. See Links


See reports.


Recent excavations of the Glasshouse Site,
Clarence Street, Port Macquarie, with remains of
Overseer"s Cottages, 2006.
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Glasshouse plans

Site plan of the Glasshouse Site, showing the location of all principal structures.

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