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The two semi-Scotch bread ovens, now in a courtyard setting with displays.
50-52 O’Connell Street and 6-12 Grose Street,
North Parramatta

Interpretation and display.


Archaeological excavations by Edward Higginbotham & Associates Pty Ltd in late 2004 revealed the footings of an 1830s cottage, evidence of viticulture from the 1840s to 1850s and a bakery complex from the 1880s onwards.


These remains have been conserved and displayed in the new development for Parramatta Leagues Club. The brief for Order Architects Pty Ltd included the construction of new office space and the conservation of all of the historical cottages on the Grose Street frontage.


The bakery, the remnants of the bakers ovens and the brick floor of the stables have all been incorporated into the landscaping, with displays designed by Freeman Ryan Design.


Some of the features of the display include orange trees, a reference to George Suttor's career in horticulture. A copy of his 1843 book, albeit in metal, lies open on one of the benches. A selection of artifacts are also embedded in resin in another bench near the semi-Scotch ovens.


Throughout the project, Ted Higginbotham provided heritage and archaeological advice to the architects and display designers. It's good to see one of your own sites on display!

Bench and display. Note that the artifacts are embedded in resin and form part of the bench.

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The stables floor, now in a landscaped setting.
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