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Archaeology and Development

Archaeological sites are listed by local councils, the NSW Heritage Branch and others. DA approvals will in many cases require archaeological investigation.


The standard procedure requires the preparation of an archaeological assessment report to obtain an excavation permit from the NSW Heritage Branch prior to archaeological investigation.


Builders and developers should allow ample time for completing this process.


Where possible, every effort should be made to minimise the impact of development on archaeology. This not only will reduce the time and cost of investigation, but will also conserve our heritage for the future.


It is important to be thorough at the assessment stage, where detailed historical research will pay off in savings on excavation or avoiding delays caused by the finding of unexpected items.


Ted Higginbotham has completed more than 230 assessments, over 140 excavations and has negotiated successful outcomes with the NSW Heritage Branch for each project. See reports.


To obtain advice for your project, please contact Ted Higginbotham on (02) 9716-5154.


EHA is available statewide for archaeological and heritage projects. Ted has developed specialisations in the archaeology of:
Central West NSW.
Port Macquarie.
Goulburn Region.
See also Recent Projects.

Marsden Street, Parramatta
The cellar of the Wheatsheaf Hotel (1801-1809),
later re-used for the Shepherd & Flock Inn (1825-1870). The timber floor survived in excellent condition.
Excavations, Marsden Street, Parramatta, 2005.


Little Cadia Copper Mine
A pair of 1860s copper assay furnaces,
excavated at Little Cadia Copper Mine in 2005.

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