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On the trail of the Macarthur family An 1836 watercolour by Conrad Martens leads to the site of the first
house occupied by the Macarthur family at Belgenny, Camden Park Estate(Detail of Conrad Martens,
1836, private collection). See On the trail of the Macarthur Family – Part 2.
Second season of excavation now completed
Archaeology History & Heritage

EHA provides a complete package of services for historical archaeological and industrial heritage sites.


With over 38 years experience (10 years in UK; 28 years in Australia), EHA has specialist expertise in:


  • Archaeological assessment reports.

  • Excavation permit application.

  • Archaeological investigations, from small test-trenches to large area excavations. (See archaeology and development).

  • Practical solutions for the display of archaeological sites (Interpretation and Display)

  • Archaeological management plans. (See AMPs)

  • Conservation management plans.

  • Heritage assessment reports.

  • Heritage impact statements.

  • Archival reports.

  • Cemeteries (see Awards).

    (see Reports for all types of studies)

    EHA has undertaken heritage and archaeological projects for a wide variety of clients, including all levels of Government, and the private sector. The firm has successfully completed both small and large projects of varying degrees of complexity. (see Client list)


    EHA is dedicated to providing innovative and practical solutions for each project. (see Awards and Innovative Solutions).


    Ted Higginbotham is highly experienced in assembling teams of specialists to meet project requirements. He personally directs all archaeological excavation, liaison with clients, building contractors, architects and other specialists. Ted has negotiated successful outcomes with the Heritage Branch, NSW Department of Planning for each project (see Staff).


    EHA is available statewide for archaeological and heritage projects. Ted has developed specialisations in the archaeology of:
    Central West NSW.
    Port Macquarie.
    Goulburn Region
    See also Recent Projects.

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